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The Self Insurance Fund operates under an Agreement and Operational Rules. An elected commissioner from each member makes up the Board of Directors. They are the policy making body of the group. Two committees report directly to the Board. A staff person from each member and the Administrator are on these committees.

One committee is the Operations Committee. It reviews issues that come before it, and then makes recommendations to the Board for action or further consideration.

Six Board appointed members of the Operations Committee, the Chairperson of the Operations Committee and the Administrator of the Fund make up the Administrative Committee. Only the six appointed members have voting power. The voting members of the Administrative Committee are Jim Moss from Klickitat PUD, Fred Burke from Okanogan, Renae Powell from Pacific PUD, Bob Sischo from Asotin PUD, Sarah Holderman from Pend Oreille PUD and Tracy Dugas from Gras Harbor PUD. Renae Powell is the Fund’s auditor. They are responsible for the Fund's oversight, and any other duties the Board may assign them.

There is also an Executive Committee made up of the Administrative Committee and the Fund's officers. Pacific Underwriters, the Fund's Administrator, is under contract for its services to the Fund.

The Board approves the contract annually. Included in the Administrator's duties are managing the defense of claims against members of the Fund, making recommendations for defense counsel, preparing reports for the Board and committees and monitoring the day to day operation of the Fund. The Fund's attorney, Jan Essenburg, is responsible for coverage questions and drafting changes to the agreement. Marsh, the Fund's Broker, obtains liability, property and medical stoploss insurance excess of the Fund.