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PURMS originally formed the Self Insurance Fund in December 1976 under the name of the Washington Public Utility District's Utilities System during a period of rapidly increasing insurance premiums. They felt the group could self insure for $500,000 more economically. This has proven to be true.

There were thirteen charter members of the Fund. Since then nine new members have joined one has disbanded and two withdrew. This leaves the current nineteen members. They vary in size from Thurston County PUD to Grays Harbor County PUD.

The PURMS offers a Self Insured liability pool providing $1,000,000 coverage. Above this, the group has $35,000,000 excess liability through Aegis Insurance Services and $25,000,000 available through Energy Insurance Mutual.

Starting on April 1, 1997 the Fund began offering a property pool providing $250,000 coverage. On top of this, the group has $200,000,000 excess property coverage.

On April 1 2000 the Fund formed the Health and Welfare pool. Currently twelve members partake in the Health and Welfare Program.